Personalized medicine

A novel approach to target inflammatory diseases

A companion diagnostic test

Parallel to its therapeutic solutions, Inotrem is working in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics on the establishment of a companion diagnostic tool in septic shock.

The rationale is to circumvent the high heterogeneity of septic shock patients’ population:
allow for a certain stratification of patients and identify those who are more likely to benefit from the nangibotide-based treatment currently under development at Inotrem.

Personalized medicine in critical care situations

Opening a new front in critical care medicine

The companion diagnostic test uses a soluble plasma circulating protein, sTREM-1, developed in collaboration by Inotrem and the Roche proprietary Elecsys® platform, which functions as a marker of the activation of the TREM-1 pathway. Measurement of sTREM-1 in blood could provide a valuable indicator for the diagnosis and outcome prediction of septic shock patients.