Our Approach : the TREM-1 Pathway

A novel approach to target inflammatory diseases

A disruptive path: the TREM-1 biology

The innate immune system constitutes the first line of defense against invading microbial pathogens, and Inotrem has focused its therapeutic efforts on better understanding and acting on the biology of TREM-1*, an immunoreceptor expressed on innate immune cells.

TREM-1 modulates inflammation leading to the production of an exuberant immune response. Unlike most inhibitors, those based on TREM-1 present a unique therapeutic aptitude: exploitation of immune-modulatory capabilities allows to control the cause leading to harmful effects observed in patients, while not totally abrogating the inflammatory response, which remains essential, for instance for bacterial clearance.

* TREM-1: Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 (protein).

Targeted medicine approach

Inotrem identified TREM-1 pathway as key factor in unbalanced inflammatory responses.

A visionary company animated by core objectives:

  • Development of TREM-1 inhibition-based therapies for indications characterized by acute or chronic inflammation syndromes.
  • Innovative clinical development.
  • New personalized medicine approach.