TREM-1 Pathway

A novel approach to target inflammatory diseases

A disruptive path: the TREM-1 biology

Innate immunity constitutes the first line of defense in reaction to microbial pathogens or tissue damage. Inotrem focuses its therapeutic efforts on the biology of TREM-1*, an immunoreceptor expressed on innate immune cells.

TREM-1 modulates inflammation and its engagement promotes a dysregulated, excessive, and prolonged immune response in acute and chronic inflammatory syndromes. Unlike most inflammation inhibitors that cause immune-suppression, the pharmacological control of TREM-1 presents a unique therapeutic aptitude: immuno-modulation. It allows to control the cause of immune dysregulation leading to harmful effects observed in patients, while restoring an appropriate inflammatory response.

Inotrem is targeting different therapeutic modalities:

  • Acute inflammatory syndromes in the critical care setting which are caused by severe infections (septic shock, COVID-19) or major tissue injury (ischemia-reperfusion injury, polytraumatism)
  • Chronic inflammatory processes observed in auto-immune diseases, fibrotic diseases and immuno-oncology.

* TREM-1: Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 (protein).

Leverage the TREM-1 pathway opportunities

Inotrem’s proprietary technology platform develops therapeutic solutions derived from its knowledge of the TREM-1 pathway in a number of indications characterized by acute or chronic inflammatory symptoms.