Nangibotide and Monoclonal Antibodies

A novel approach to target inflammatory diseases

Restore appropriate inflammatory response

Using its proprietary technology platform, Inotrem is leveraging its extensive knowledge of the TREM-1 pathway biology to develop new therapeutic solutions in the field of immunotherapy around two categories of drug development programs: one centered on nangibotide, the other on monoclonal antibodies.


Nangibotide is Inotrem’s lead compound. It is a synthetic peptide capable of controlling the amplification loop of the inflammatory response by inhibiting the activated TREM-1 receptor/pathway. As such, nangibotide is capable of restoring a balanced inflammatory response (immune-modulation) and improving the physiopathology of patients suffering from chronic and acute inflammatory syndromes.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Over the last few years TREM-1 has been more frequently reported as being associated with chronic inflammatory diseases, fibrotic processes and more recently immuno-oncology. Based on Inotrem’s deep knowledge of the molecular mechanisms leading to the TREM-1 receptor activation, the research team launched a broad monoclonal antibody program in late 2018. A first program led to the advancement of an antagonist antibody to reach the development stage.