18th ESS Congress/ 9th IFSS Congress

October 8-12 in Chania, Crete, Greece.
Marc Derive, Co-founder and CSO of Inotrem, will present new preclinical data during the 18th ESS congress and 9th Congress of the IFSS, entitled “TREM-1 pharmacological inhibition by LR12/nangibotide improves survival and controls vascular leakage during experimental endotoxic shock in mice” in a session dedicated to “Novel Pathomechanisms and Therapeutics in Critical Care” on October 9th.

The TREM-1 inhibitor nangibotide was known to improve vascular function and to protect against organ dysfunction in preclinical models of septic shock. These new data focused on sepsis-induced impairment of vascular integrity, a central mechanism in the development of organ dysfunction. These new data shed new lights on the mode of action of nangibotide and on how it may prevent the development of organ failure in septic shock patients.

The European Shock Society (ESS) aims to advance understanding of the pathophysiology and improve treatment of shock, trauma and sepsis and/or allied disciplines; the International Federation of Shock Societies (IFSS) promotes cooperation among existing societies for research in the area of shock, trauma, sepsis (and other relevant fields) and their application in clinical practice.

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