Our proprietary technology platform

A novel approach to target inflammatory diseases

Leverage the TREM-1 pathway opportunities.

Inotrem’s proprietary technology platform develops therapeutic solutions derived from its knowledge of the TREM-1 pathway in a number of indications characterized by acute or chronic inflammatory symptoms.

Bring new therapies to major and greatly underserved public health issues.

New therapeutic solutions in indications for which TREM-1 plays a pivotal role.


Septic shock

Inotrem is developing a therapeutic solution based on nangibotide (LR12), the company’s lead product candidate for septic shock patients. The physiopathology of septic shock is characterized by an intense and excessive systemic inflammatory reaction in response to a serious infection. Its consequences include the dysfunction of vital organs and major hemodynamic disorders that may prove fatal for patients. Activation of the TREM-1 pathway is recognized as a key factor contributing to septic shock.

Myocardial infarction

Exploiting the numerous capabilities of nangibotide (LR12), Inotrem is also working on a treatment for acute myocardial infarctions which aims at preventing tissue damage caused by ischemia/reperfusion injury.


Further expanding on its technology platform, Inotrem has launched a program focusing on a new therapeutic modality targeting chronic inflammatory diseases.

TREM-1 pathway involvement in chronic inflammatory processes (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, NASH, IBD and immuno-oncology) is being increasingly reported in scientific literature, attesting of an opportunity for a new molecular entity targeting the TREM-1 pathway in chronic inflammatory conditions.


Sepsis affects up to 1% of the population annually with a mortality rate of up to 50%, placing it as the 10th cause of death in developed countries and the 1st cause of death in intensive care units. There is currently no specific targeted therapy approved for this indication besides antibiotics and symptomatic agents. Inotrem’s therapeutic solution has the potential to become the first causal treatment for sceptic shock.